I am super excited to open my new blog to the public!

Are you just utterly overwhelmed by the endless medical suppliers out there? All you want to do is buy a simple grab bar, but when you put it into google, you are suddenly hit with a million options. How in the world are you supposed to know one from the other, how are you to know which is the cheapest vs the most aesthetic, and most importantly how can you quickly and efficiently figure out which one is best for YOU?!?

That’s where I come in, I have done all of the research for you. YES, I’ll say that again, I did the research for you!! In this blog, as a bathroom safety specialist, in addition to my training and expertise as an occupational therapist, I have combed the web to give you the simplest, user-friendly guide to bathroom safety equipment and all the ins and outs that come along with it.

Now as an intro to who I am.



I am a licensed occupational therapist with experience working with older adults in their homes. Since I was a child I have always wanted to work with older adults and help them in the most meaningful way possible. Just to give you a small inside scoop about how this drive of mine came about…I have visited an assisted living facility near my parents’ home since I was a young child as it was something encouraged by my parents and the parents of my friends. We would visit this home just about every weekend. At some point as I matured I started to recognize that there may be a career out there where I can actually help these people FOR REAL!

The rest is history.

I planned my college years accordingly and became an occupational therapist where I can help people build and develop the skills they need to perform their daily activities.


What is an Occupational Therapist?

For those of you who don’t know what an occupational therapist does, (we don’t help people find jobs:), we provide therapy to people who are lacking the necessary skills to perform their Activities of Daily Living (basic daily activities as in: getting dressed, eating, showering etc) to help them improve their functional abilities.

In other words, we come into play when someone suffers from a disabling condition and they need help re-building skills or just figuring out how to function as independently as possible. We therefore help them restore/build their physical health; and most importantly in our case here, we provide strategies and recommendations to help them live in their home environment comfortably, safely, and independently.

This is where my true drive is. I sincerely feel that helping people live in the place they call home despite any disabling and physically limiting conditions is providing them with a level of quality of life which cannot be matched.


Adapt to Stay

Therefore, ADAPT to STAY as you see here, is my personal home safety resource center where I am actualizing my dream of helping people ADAPT their living spaces to suit their needs giving them the ability to STAY home.

Come along with us on our journey as we take apart a typical home and identify the obstacles someone with limited physical abilities may face and corresponding solutions.


Contact us with comments or questions.

We’ll keep you POSTED!

To safe and happy homes,


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