Home Entrance Safety and Accessibility

Home Entrance Safety and Accessibility

Let’s get started right from the beginning.

You want to enter the home. Simple as that.

What could you possibly need to know about the home entrance for safety and accessibility?

Well, if you put yourself into the “shoes” of someone in a wheelchair or with limited physical abilities, surprisingly, there are many obstacles someone may face as they attempt to enter a home.


Home Entrance Introduction

Over the next few posts we will go step by step into the various obstacles and solutions which may crop up. When it comes to the solutions, there are, if I may say, an unlimited and vast supply of manufacturers and vendors who have created and sell different forms of the various types of equipment that we will discuss. This where I know people get so thrown off and overwhelmed that they give up or just get so stressed out. That is why I am here to help! I sincerely want to help you figure out what you need without the stress. I will therefore provide you with the most practical and well-reviewed products that I have found from my research/experience so that you can take my word for it.

As always, if you know of a product that I have not listed but feel deserves a place here, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know. You are not just doing me a service, you are really joining my cause and helping people in their time of crisis and need; when they can use our help the most. Together we are giving them their home back!

Now, back to the home entrance…


Home Entrance Obstacles

Below I am going to list the primary obstacles and key points to take into consideration, then over the next bunch of posts, we will deal with solutions and recommendations for each one individually.

Take a minute and think about each one of these and how they can present to be a problem…

Now, hold your horses and check back with us again as we go through each item and hopefully give you the solutions that suit you!


Contact us with comments or questions.

We’ll keep you POSTED!

To safe and happy homes,


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