Types of Ramps: Permanent vs Temporary

Types of Ramps: Permanent vs Temporary

When looking into different types of ramps, you will find an overwhelming selection of ramps and my goal here is to simplify the world of ramps to help you select the best ramp for your needs.


Questions to Ask Yourself

There are a few basic questions you will want to ask yourself to help you narrow your selection from the get-go.

  • For what reason do you need a ramp?
  • How long do you plan to have the ramp?
  • Do you prefer a transportable ramp that can be taken along with you in your vehicle?
  • How high is the rise that you need to overcome with the ramp?

Your answers to these questions will help you differentiate which ramp type will be best for you as we plow through the different types of ramps and why you would opt to choose one over another.


Permanent Ramps

The first type we will discuss is a permanent ramp.

Permanent Ramp

Permanent ramps are exactly what they sound like, they are installed to remain permanently on the site where they are constructed. Permanent ramps would therefore suit someone with a permanent disability or degenerative condition that is projected to worsen over time requiring increasing levels of accessibility.

Things to keep in mind when considering a permanent ramp:

  • Timeframe for installation is longer than a “prefab” ramp
  • Building permits are required because construction occurs on site
  • Material options may be more aesthetic than “prefab” ramps, but may compromise longevity
  • Often require more maintenance than “prefab” ramps

There is a form of “prefab” ramp that is more permanent, it’s called a Modular Ramp.


Modular Ramps

Modular Ramp

Modular Ramps, also called pathway ramps, are a “prefab” ramp often used for spaces where a permanent solution is needed yet the disassembly and removal would still be possible. Modular ramps are therefore used for a similar population to those who require a permanent ramps.


Things to keep in mind when considering a modular ramp:

  • Often made from aluminum which is sturdy, weather-resistant  
  • Can be disassembled and relocated
  • Quick to install
  • Great option when you need to cover a significant height (and therefore need a longer ramp)

Those are the two most common more permanent options.

For those of you who are looking for a temporary solution, or a portable option, keep on reading…


Portable/Temporary Ramps

Portable/Temporary Ramp

A Portable ramp is exactly what it sounds like, a ramp that can easily be placed down and removed when needed. These are great for homes where the residents don’t need a ramp but their frequent visitors do. These ramps also come in handy as a take-along ramp as they can often board a vehicle with you and be used at your destination.

There are a number of types of portable/temporary ramps which we will go through in the next post…Types of Portable and Temporary Ramps.


Following our discussion about portable and temporary ramps, we will go into depth about recommended buying options for the different types of ramps as well as general price info. So stay tuned for more!

That’s that for Types of Ramps: Permanent vs Temporary

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