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Wheelchair Lift Costs and Recommended Companies

Wheelchair Lift Costs and Recommended Companies

I have a disclaimer to make. Wheelchair lift estimates are not as simple as ramps.

It is practically impossible to get a lift estimate without a technical phone conversation, site evaluation, custom installation plan and the whole nine yards.

That said, my goal here is to give you a comprehensive guide to wheelchair lift pricing and what’s involved so that you can make an educated decision from the start without any surprises later on.


Lifts vs Ramps

When we discussed ramps and costs, providing standard prices was doable due to the simplicity of ramp installation, if any at all. A lift on the other hand is more customized and will therefore require a unique quote based on the details of the specific job at hand.

Something interesting to keep in mind is that wheelchair lifts can often end up as a cheaper option than a ramp because of the 1:12 ratio required. Ramps often cost per foot of ramp and if you follow the 1:12 ratio, (click HERE to learn more about ramps and recommended slopes) to overcome a set of steps you may therefore require a VERY long ramp. This is all aside from the fact that a long ramp can be unsightly and difficult to navigate requiring extensive energy on the part of the individual with a mobility impairment or his/her caregiver.


Lift Specifications

Lifts also have their own catches when it comes to pricing though. There are standard price ranges for the lifts, but due to the fact that there are many different versions within each model, it is difficult to nail exact costs. For a review on types of lifts, follow this LINK. Incline lifts do tend to be cheaper than vertical lifts, yet this can also get a little sticky. Following is one example for each type of lift and how each situation will require a “custom” set-up which can hike up the price in no time.

Within vertical lift models there are typically various options for configuration of entry and exit of the lift based on how the home entrance set-up and space allow for the entry on to and exit off of the lift. See pictures below for some examples of straight through and 90-degree left vs 90-degree right entry/exit configurations.


vertical platfrom lift

Straight-through Configuration

90-degree Left Configuration


Within incline lift models, any slight curve in the stairs will require a “custom” rail and track for the platform.

Incline Lift

Now, this was just one example of each type of lift’s possible customization needs. So much must to be taken into consideration.

That said, another big catch is the installation.



Installation is often an additional fee attached to the actual price of the lift and installation will be unique in every situation. The installation will take and look at and include:

  • Home evaluation for lift site
  • Legal permits
  • Vertical height
  • Foundation preparation under the lift
  • Platform configuration
  • Platform weight capacity
  • Electrical work



Keeping all this in mind, it is just too difficult to provide price ranges. I recommend you call a lift company (my recommendations are discussed below) and get an accurate quote from them directly for your specific case. Now that you are educated in what may be involved in the costs, you can make sure to ask about everything so that when a company gives you a quote it will hopefully be as accurate as possible without additional fees later on.

A little trick I have though, is that there is a secondhand market for lifts and you can sometimes find used lifts on Ebay or similar marketplace sites where people post their used lifts at discounted prices. You can also always ask a company if they sell used or refurbished products as well as if they have a buy-back option. Some companies offer to buy the lift back from you if at some point you no longer need the lift or are selling the house.


Recommended Companies

As always, I like to give you clear direction where to turn when looking for an item, product, or device that you need. In the case of lifts, it is more challenging because different companies specialize in different types of lifts as well as different installation situations.

From my research, I would recommend starting with a company called 101 Mobility. The perk to this company is that they do not sell their own product, they sell products from a variety of manufacturers. This is beneficial for you as the consumer as their expert specialists are more well-rounded and well-versed in the various companies and products.

This is not to say that a highly recommended company may not also have your best interest in mind, it’s just that they have a more limited selection of products. I therefore always try to find a company who sells from a variety of manufacturers because I always feel as though they really know the market.

In our case here, 101 Mobility comes in as the top vendor for mobility solutions.


101 Mobility

What 101 Mobility offers:

  • Service locations across the US
  • They are partners with major manufacturers
  • Offer rentals for temporary disabilities
  • Provide in-home consultation
  • Perform installation
  • Offer service repair and warranty options

For more information, there is an article written by Retirement Living which I found to be helpful (some info throughout this entire post was adopted from their website).


I hope this was helpful and as always, contact us with comments or questions.

That’s that for Wheelchair Lift Costs and Recommended Companies.

We’ll keep you posted!

To safe and happy homes,


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