Ramps and Lifts Safety Guide

Ramps and Lifts Safety Guide

Safety is our top priority!!!


As in all assistive technology, education on use and safety is of fundamental importance.

In this discussion we will go through general safety features of Ramps and Wheelchair Lifts which are helpful to bear in mind while browsing through your options and making your final decision on a product.


Ramp Safety



Provides a slip-resistant surface on top of the aluminum to prevent falls; especially in inclement weather conditions.


Side Curbs

Prevents accidentally slipping off the ramp.



Provide an additional support for individuals with limited mobility, balance and vision.


Wheelchair Lifts

As I am sure you can imagine, when dealing with a lift taking a wheelchair user off the ground level, safety is integral. Below we will delineate many of the safety features you want to look out for when dealing with lifts to ensure that the options you research are not only best suited for your needs, but also safe for you and your loved ones.


Obstacle Detection

Detects objects in the lift’s path and inhibits the lift’s ability to move when something may be in its way.


Safety Rails and Straps

Secures the wheelchair and user in place while the lift is in motion.

Especially important for outdoor use where wind or other outside factors can present as a safety concern.

Continuous Pressure Controls

The lift operates only while the user is continuously pressing the control button ensuring that the user has complete control at all times.


Emergency Buttons

Give the user the ability to stop the lift at any time.


Backup System

Ensures that the lift has an alternate method of operation in the case of a power outage.

Some options include battery backup systems and some allow for manual power to move the lift.


Electro-interlock gates

Inhibit movement of the platform gates or rails while the lift is in use.

Weather Protection

Ensures that the lift, unit controls, and operating mechanisms are safe to use in any weather condition.


Those are the key safety features you want to keep in mind when strongly considering a product. This education and info can also help you differentiate between 2 products which both seem to be calling you. If one has more safety features, then go for it!


If you are interested in more information, Retirement Living has an excellent discussion about Lifts and Safety (I adopted much of the lift info from there:)


I hope this was helpful and of course, feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

That’s that for Ramps and Lifts Safety Guide.

We’ll keep you POSTED!

To safe and happy homes,


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