Amazon Disclaimer

Amazon Disclaimer

This post is very important to me and will help give you a perspective on how I determine which companies and marketplaces I am comfortable recommending.

I am a diligent perfectionist by nature and would only feel comfortable recommending something that I have researched and would be willing to try myself.

I therefore do a lot of research before posting any products or companies.

Personally, I do not always trust Amazon because you can never really be sure what you are getting.

As an example, I recently purchased a few items which had decent reviews for my baby daughter who has a slight head tilt and slight flat head.  I was thoroughly dissatisfied with all of them as they did not work for me.

I therefore tend to prefer purchasing items from direct sources.

On the flip side though, Amazon does have a bunch of positive features as well. For example, most people are familiar with Amazon, Amazon has one of the best return policies, items come very quickly with Prime, and Amazon just has the most options in one place.

I spent quite a bit of time searching and evaluating many other sites and most just don’t provide the same service as Amazon.

Therefore, to be 100% consumer-oriented I have decided to use Amazon as the go-to place for purchasing many products in most cases.

Disclaimer: Amazon does have a commission-based program when consumers purchase an item that was directed by a third-party website, which I do have in place. Honestly though, there are other sites which provide an even better program to benefit the merchants but I still chose to go with Amazon due to the reasons listed above.

In general though, I do search other options before resorting to Amazon and if I find a credible site that I feel has substantial options I do recommend that first. Otherwise though, Amazon it is.

I hope you understand and that my research and info helps make your home modification process a pleasant and comfortable journey.

As always, contact us with any comments or questions.

To safe and happy homes,


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