Accessible Showers Intro

Accessible Showers Intro

Accessibility in the bathroom is a fundamental facet to a person’s safety and independence.

We have already discussed solutions for accessible toilets and toileting areas.

Now, our goal is to tackle the shower and shower area.

This is quite a big goal as there is a wealth of products out there which were created to increase shower safety and independence.

My goal throughout our discussions about showers is to simplify what can be an overwhelming and stressful task of searching for and locating the most practical shower safety devices, aids, products and pieces of equipment.

At the completion of our discussion (which will follow through a series of posts to ensure the information is organized and clear), my hope is that you feel knowledgeable and confident with how you will proceed to make sure your shower and shower area are safe and accessible for your (and your loved ones) needs.



There are so many features to an accessible and safe shower.

The basic “rules” include: a curbless entrance into the shower, a shower seat while bathing, accessible shower controls (including the shower head) and the installation of grab bars.

Because there is a lot of info on this topic, which inevitably comes along with many solutions, I would like to progress through the info slowly and methodically to ensure you gain the most.

Therefore, before we actually get into the info, let’s use the discussion here as a roadmap to clarify how the info will be organized so that you can easily access what you are looking for.

This post is clearly the introductory post.

Following are the list of posts associated with shower accessibility. Feel free to click on the post to directly link to the post to access the info.


Shower Entrance; Curbless Showers

Shower Seats

Shower Controls

Shower Heads

Grab Bars

Innovative Shower Aids, Accessories, and Tips


We delve into each topic individually so feel free to click on the links above to learn more about each of the topics listed to make sure your shower is safe and accessible!


That’s that for our Accessible Showers Intro.

Contact us with comments or questions!

To safe and happy homes,


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