Shower Chairs and Seats Purchasing Options

Shower Chairs and Seats Purchasing Options

Shower chairs are excellent pieces of equipment which provide a significant boost to the safety and accessibility of a shower.

In our previous post about Shower Chairs and Seats we discussed the different types of chairs, seats and benches which can be used in the shower/tub area.

In our discussion here we will go through the most recommended purchasing options for the shower seats. Our goal is to assist you in your purchasing journey by doing the research for you to save you the time, stress and heartache of sifting through the vast number of products and reviews out there.

In the case of shower chairs, there are many online guides for ‘best shower chairs’. So, in addition to our own research, we went through those guides to narrow down and bring you conclusions for some of the highest recommended products out there.

Feel free to check out our disclaimer about when and how we choose where we link the products from (including the most popular Amazon site).



Enough of the housekeeping, let’s get started.

When choosing a shower chair, there are so many components that will personally make a difference to you and your situation. Following is a quick checklist to keep in mind while searching.


Purpose: Why are you purchasing the shower chair? What purpose do you want it to serve for you? Check out for Accessible Shower Chairs and Seats Guide for our comprehensive guide on the different types of chairs that are out there so you know which style suits your needs.

Weight capacity: Make sure the users weight falls within the weight capacity listed on the product. We don’t want to compromise safety when our goal is safety in the first place!

Size: There are bulkier and more compact options out there. Feel free to check them all out but make sure a compact size won’t compromise your support and safety.

Aesthetics: Do you care how the shower chair looks in your bathroom? Some options are just the simplest, cheapest and most supportive options; but somehow they just don’t cut it when it comes to enhancing your bathroom’s glamorous appearance.

Price: Just like everything else in life, shower chairs have a very broad range of prices. Keep checking the prices as you search so you won’t be let down when you get to checkout.


Purchasing Options

Finally! The list you have been waiting for!


Standard Chair

The standard shower chair is simply a waterproof chair created with features that are safe to use in the shower area. The standard chair/bench/seat comes with arms and without arms. The level of support required by the user will determine if the arms are necessary.

Price Range: With arm rests – $50-60; Without arm rests – $30-40

The most commonly purchased shower chair with arm rests is the Vaun Medical Chair with Arms.

The most commonly purchased shower chair  without arm rests is the Vaun Medical Seat Bench with Removable Back.

Bench with Removable Back

Chair with Arms


When it comes to compact shower seats, there are simple stools, folding stools, and even swivel stools. For those who are not concerned about the price but just want the most compact option out there, there are wall-mounted folding seats which take up very little space, easily fold out of the way when others use the shower, and often look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Following are the most common compact options.


Shower Stool

Price Range: $20-$30


Folding Stool 

Price Range: $30- $40

Drive Medical

Swivel Stool

Price Range: $30 – $40


Wall-Mounted Folding Seat

I don’t feel comfortable recommending a specific product when it comes to wall-mounted seats as they are not necessarily as medically safe as the other products. The technicalities of installation as well as the possible compromised support results in it coming in on the bottom of our recommendation list as compared to self-standing chairs/seats with sturdy legs.

As far as price ranges, there is a very wide range when it comes to these seats based on material, features, and brand.


Rolling Shower Chairs

Price Range: $80+

The range for rolling shower chairs is pretty wide featuring all different types. The one linked over here is the cheapest recommended that I found.

Here is a link to the Amazon page of all different options.

Here is another link to reviews given by Best Reviews Guide with their recommended options.



Transfer Bench

Price Range: $50-$100

Just like all of the standard shower chairs, the standard tub transfer benches come in so many versions, which can make your brain swim! The option I linked over here was the one of the cheapest ones in addition to coming in as one of the top on quite a few ‘best tub bench’ buying guides.

Drive Medical


Swivel/Sliding Chairs

Price Range: $300

This is by far the most recommended sliding swivel bench across the board. For many of the other chairs/seats/benches there were so many “highly recommended” options so I had to do my own research. This one was universal:)

Platinum Health



There are so many shower chair purchasing options out there. First determine the purpose and features that you want to shower chair to provide for you, then browse through the options, and finally make a decision!


We hope this was helpful and helps simplify and ease your purchasing journey.

That’s that for Shower Seats and Chairs Purchasing Options!

As always, Contact us with any comments/questions.


To safe and happy homes,


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