Grab Bar Products and Options

Grab Bar Products and Options

Feeling overwhelmed with the world of grab bars?

Our goal is to clarify and simplify the basics of grab bars so you have clear direction when modifying your space.

There are a few important topics to discuss when it comes to grab bars.

  • Measurements and Standards
  • Wall-Reinforcement/Blocking
  • Grab Bar Options

In our previous post about Grab Bar Standards, Measurements, and Mounting Safety we discussed the recommended measurements and standards according to the ADA as well as the importance of wall-reinforcement.

That leaves our discussion here as the go-to place for learning about the innovative options that are out there so that you can adapt your space as best suits you and your needs.

Let’s jump right in.


Types of Grab Bars

Following is a list of the most common types of grab bars with a simple description of when they are each used. Of course, there are overlaps so it’s best to read through the list so you have the full picture before jumping to a decision.

We meticulously ensured that all products are ADA compliant and clearly stated when not. It is always best to remain within ADA compliance to ensure maximal safety standards are being followed.

To ensure maximal safety you must always check weight capacity and material (textured grip) so that you can be certain the product is fitting for you.

To make it that much easier for you, we have linked the inserted pictures to the Amazon purchasing page so you can efficiently access the products. Please read our Amazon Disclaimer for any questions or concerns about how/why we chose Amazon over here.

We have linked the option that we like the best from our tedious research, but it is solely your responsibility to check that the product is safe and fitting for you. Always feel free to browse similar options so that you feel confident when making your final purchase.


Straight Safety Grab Bar

Straight grab bars are the most basic (and often the cheapest) grab bar option out there. Straight grab bars are often used around the toilet (rear and side wall) as well as in the shower area. They can be installed in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. They come in a variety of sizes and colors which often lends itself to some more aesthetic options (with an increase in price of course!).

Price Range: $15-$20 (for a basic bar)


Angled Grab Bar

Angled grab bars are often a modified version of the straight grab bar. They have similar features to the straight bar with the added angled components which lends itself to increased grip positions for the user. It is almost like a combo of horizontally and vertically placed grab bars providing the user with the benefits of both.

Price Range: $30-$50

Wall to Floor Grab Bar

Wall to floor grab bars are installed, as their name implies, from the wall to the floor; adding to the installation stability. They are often used next to the toilet.

Price Range: $85-100

Flip-up/Flip-down Grab Bar

Flip-up/flip-down grab bars feature the unique ability to swing out of the way when not in use. They can be used in both the toilet area or the shower. These come in handy when there is no side wall next to the toilet on which to install a grab bar because the back wall is all you need.

Price Range: $90


Clamp-on Tub Rail

Clamp-on tub rails are a great safety feature for stepping in and out of the tub. They simply clamp on to the tub and are ready to use. Be sure they are clamped in securely or they may compromise safety!

(Note: Not ADA compliant. Throughout all of my research I have not found a tub clamp that has ADA compliance listed.)

Price Range: $30-$40


Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails create “arm rests” for the toilet providing the additional support one may need when lowering or rising from the seat. There are a few options out there so be sure that the width and weight capacity are suited for you. The most basic one is linked over here, but feel free to shop around to find one that you feel comfortable with.

(Note: Not ADA compliant. Throughout all of my research I have not found a tub clamp that has ADA compliance listed.)

Price Range: $25 – $50


There is such a wide variety of styles and options for grab bars. We hope this brief list simplified and clarified some of the most common ones out there to assist you on your purchasing journey. Always be sure to check for additional safety considerations as in ADA compliance, weight capacity, and material (textured grip) to maximize safety. Now the final purchasing is in your hands; good luck!


That’s that for Grab Bar Products and Options.

We hope this was helpful!

As always, contact us with any comments or questions.


To safe and happy homes,



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